Suzy McCoppin, Playboy's Party Girl, behind scenes reporter, funny blogger, tv host, tech chick, comedienne, & celebrity gossip columnist
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Suzy McCoppin, LA's Most Provocative Journalist & Sexy Gossip Columnist
About Suzy

After graduating from New York University, current multi-talented Social Media Contributor, Corporate Spokesperson, Television Host, Actress and Model Suzy McCoppin began her journalistic career at the trash-tastic Star Magazine. There she was a staff reporter for three years. Suzy was then airlifted to Life & Style Magazine where she served as Senior Reporter from 2006-2009. From there she crossed the Atlantic and reported for London’s Daily Mail, Heat Magazine, and News of the World. Her exploits had her hot on the heels of Britney Spears, night clubbing with Lindsay Lohan, or, at least, near Lindsay Lohan, staring at Paris Hilton, and being generally creepy.

Having earned her stripes as a full-fledged Journalist (sort of), Suzy now reports on Nightlife, Human Interest, Pop Culture, Dating and Sex as a Featured Columnist in Playboy Magazine. She combines her sassy reporting with voyeuristic front-row Video accounts as’s “Party Girl,” taking viewers behind L.A.’s velvet ropes to reveal who is doing what - to whom – and where, and why Leonardo DiCaprio never invites her to sit as his table. Her contributions to Playboy Magazine and candid and hilarious first-person accounts of what really goes on in Hollywood combined with her high-spirited Video Blogs are making her a Playboy favorite and a staple amongst the world’s most provocative journalists. (Thanks, mom)

Suzy’s signature “take” on Hollywood and all things Pop Culture can now also be found on her Website via her own “publication” - The Real McCopp. A Webcast/ Video Podcast of The Real McCopp is expected to premiere in early 2010 and it will feature Suzy’s irreverent interviews of Celebrities, Athletes, Pop Culture influences, and her neighbor Floyd who smokes mad reefer. The Real McCopp will also have Suzy reporting on a variety of Noteworthy Events and interviewing those in attendance – as only Suzy McCoppin can. Suzy can also make balloon animals and plans to reinvent the Flowbee. Just kidding. But seriously, someone should.


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